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Wigs is the second episode in Season 1 of Alexa & Katie and the second episode produced for the show. It premiered on March 23, 2018.


The episode starts with the girls after they shaved all their hair off. They begin to regret their decision to shave their heads. Lori and Dave walk in the bathroom surprised. Lori finds it sweet that Katie shaved her head for Alexa and Dave is still in shock from seeing Alexa and Katie bald.

Katie goes home, and Jennifer finds her hair as a surprise, but later warms up to it. In the morning Lucas says he's going to call Alexa "Lex Luthor" (A reference to the DC Comics Villain, who is completely bald). Jennifer makes Katie bring Jack to the game store to buy a new game as punishment for bringing Jack to toilet paper a house. Jennifer goes to the Mendoza's so she and Lori can find things for Alexa and Katie to put on their heads. Alexa and Katie are in Katie's room trying on hats and Katie starts worrying about them going to school bald when Hannah and Reagan starts calling on FaceTime, Katie immediately declines. Jack walks in shortly after and asks Alexa about her losing hair. Lucas can be heard right after Jack leaves and Katie hides in the closet. Lucas then runs away when Alexa told him he could've shaved his head too. At the Mendoza's Lori and Jennifer are looking online at wigs and hats when they begin to compliment each others' daughters. Alexa and Katie comes into the house and asks Lori if she could drop them off at the mall so they could buy wigs, Lori agrees but also told them she would meet them inside. Alexa asks Dave to drop her and Katie at the mall instead but he answers awkwardly, still shocked from her being bald, and runs away. Jennifer tells Katie not to spend more than $100 on her wig.

Alexa and Katie are at the store and Katie tries on a wig while Alexa wears a green wig with spiky hair and plays around, knocking something over, and attracting the attention of a worker who tells them there's a ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese for them. Alexa takes off the wig and uses her cancer to gain sympathy from the worker. Katie finds a blonde wig she likes, but it costs $300, more than what she can afford. Not wanting to let Alexa know about her money troubles, she panics and check the prices of different wigs while Alexa is trying on a brown wig. She finds a short pink wig that she can afford and tells Alexa they should try it, Alexa then picks up a blue wig. Alexa suggests they should get both the normal and dyed wigs. Alexa and Katie accidentally runs out of the store with their wigs and is forced to buy the colored and normal wigs. At the Cooper's house, Jennifer and Lori are waiting for the girls and Jack runs downstairs shouting "Pizza!" after hearing the doorbell rings. Jennifer tries to pay for the pizza but her card was declined, Lori offered to pay for it. Jennifer is on the phone questioning why her card got declined when Katie comes in and tells her about the wig. Jennifer is disappointed but tells her they can return it and get it when she gets paid the following week. Meanwhile, Alexa's family get back from running the 10k. Lori is exhausted from the running and says her blisters has blisters, Alexa, trying to mock her, starts "babying" her, for all the times she does it to Alexa. Dave comes downstairs and upsets Alexa because he only appears to be comfortable around Alexa with her hair. Dave has a heart-to-heart with Alexa and apologizes.

Katie and Jack is in line to buy the new game, Jack compliments the brightly pink wig Katie is wearing. Alexa comes and joins them in line. Alexa mentions the blonde wig that Katie bought when Katie finally tells her the wig costs $300 and she had to take it back to the store. Alexa tells Katie she appreciated what she did for her and decides she will wear her blue wig so Katie will not have to go to school alone with a colored wig.

Alexa and Katie starts their first day together and are then confronted by their friends Hannah and Reagan, who they did not tell about Alexa's cancer. After seeing the two of them wearing colored the wigs and ignoring them, Hannah and Reagan assume they don't want to be friends with them anymore. However, Alexa and Katie finally tells them Alexa has cancer and how Katie shaved her head so Alexa won't go through not having hair alone. Alexa and Katie reconcile with Hannah and Reagan and the episode ends with both of them entering the high school.


Main Cast[]

Recurring cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Clint Culp as Security Guard
  • Beverly Leech as Saleswoman
  • Cutter Garcia as Pizza Delivery Guy




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