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Ungroundable is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Alexa & Katie and the fourth episode produced on the show.


Alexa and Katie are sitting at Wired when Alexa shows Katie her Algebra test which she got a D in. Katie claims that everyone is struggling with High School Maths. When asked, Katie said she got an A in Algebra but it was a struggle.

Alexa is planning how to tell her mom about the D on her test. Lori shortly enters the room from upstairs and Alexa quickly asks how her day was. Both Alexa and Katie pretends to be amazed by Lori's story. Lori becomes suspicious when the girls start asking more questions weirdly. Alexa shows Lori her Maths test. Lori becomes mad and begins lecturing Alexa when she suddenly stops herself. Alexa asks to go to karaoke and Lori agrees, which she seems to be shocked by. Lucas and Dylan walks in through the Kitchen door when Lori leaves. Katie starts an awkward conversation with Lucas. Dylan then asks how Alexa's feeling, to which she responded angrily to because Lucas told Dylan. Lucas and Dylan reveals their plans to change the Wellard sign with Dave behind them. Dave told Lucas about a time when he changed the Wellard sign with his friends.

Jack is playing Zombiegeddon on his phone. Jennifer, in the kitchen, tells Jack that they would not be able to go on their camping trip, Jennifer seems upset but Jack is unbothered by it.

Alexa and Katie are at Wired's karaoke singing "Love Shack" by The B-52's. The audience seems unimpressed and slowly claps for them and Barry tells the girls to stay in school.. Katie mentions how unbelievable it is for Lori to let Alexa go out and wear her favorite sweater. Alexa reveals that she stole the sweater from her wardrobe right as a man knocks into Alexa and spills her coffee on the sweater. Katie freaks out because coffee is almost impossible to get out of cashmere. Barry joins the conversation and tells them he leaves his cashmere and soul at home.

Jennifer tries to get Jack to go outside but he ignores her. She then pulls Jack up from the couch and brings him to the backyard. Jennifer tried to surprise Jack by making a tent in the backyard so they could camp out there. Jack says that she is trying to punish him while Jennifer tries to make it more exciting. Jack then runs away after laughing together with her mom making a deep voice.

Alexa shows her mom the sweater. Lori tries to lecture Alexa again but stops herself. Alexa notices that Lori is letting her get away with everything because she has cancer, she seems disappointed by this but then realizes she's ungroundable and tells Katie that she'll prove it.

Back at the tent, Jennifer got Jack out again and she begins playing the guitar and singing a campfire song. Jack appears to be bored. As Jennifer is distracted by the guitar, Jack sneaks back into the house.

Alexa and Katie comes back home after watching an R rated movie. Katie is still traumatized by the movie. Lori comes into the room and asks what movie they watched. Alexa proudly answers that it was an R rated movie, Saw 12. Lori appears to be mad at the both of them for a few seconds and then goes to take a bath. Alexa proves she's ungroundable and decides to do it again. Lucas and Dylan walks in through the kitchen door, still planning on what to spell out on the Wellard sign. Alexa decides to go to the Wellard sign before Lucas and Dylan does. Katie, however, does not want to go and tells Alexa to go by herself. Alexa leaves the house and Katie worryingly waits in the living room waiting for Alexa to come back.

Jennifer makes another attempt at bonding and camping with Jack. This time, she brought out a projector for them to play Zombiegeddon and Jack actually seems impressed with her. Lucas and Dylan are in the Cooper's backyard as well, ready to hit the Wellard sign, however neither of them moves and cowards out, making the excuse that Jack would love to play with them.

At the Wellard sign. Alexa has already climbed the ladder and Katie comes up shortly after. Alexa asks Katie to hand her a "W" but Katie is too scared to get up and keeps scaring herself. Katie then jumps up and hugs Alexa, pointing to the ladder where a possum is standing on, and the girls start screaming. Alexa kicks the ladder and it falls. Katie starts panicking that they are both stuck together on the sign forever. Alexa calls her mom.

Jennifer is still playing Zombiegeddon, where she is at Zombie mantis level. In the tent, Dylan, Lucas, and Jack are asleep. Jennifer's phone then starts ringing and Lori tells them about Alexa and Katie. She starts leaving but returned back to continue the game where she reached Zombie mountain level. She leaves a post-it note on Lucas to watch Jack.

Alexa continues to spell something on the Wellard sign while waiting for their parents. Katie worries that Jigsaw might come up, still terrified from the movie, she hears noises from down below and yells, to what she thinks are serial killers, that a possum is down there. Jennifer then calls Katie and Dave put the ladder back, Katie quickly climbs down. Dave asks what Alexa was thinking, and says back that he told Lucas to do it, Lori then hits Dave on his back. Alexa isn't climbing back down so Lori climbs up. Alexa then confronts her mom for not punishing her and thinks nothing she does matter. Lori tells Alexa that she couldn't get mad at her for small things like a D on a test and watching a movie. Lori then punishes Alexa until she's satisfied. Katie, Jennifer and Dave climbs up the ladder after the possum returns with friends. Dave pushes the ladder off after they starting climbing. Dave tries calling for Lucas. Still at the sign, the girls are doing each other's house while Dave watches the stars in the sky.

Alexa's tutor arrives and it appears to be Dylan. Both teasing each other. Alexa then makes fun of Dylan and Lucas, in the form of a Maths question, for chickening out.

The video ends showing the Wellard sign. "ALEXA + K8TIE 4EVER"


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