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This Feels Right is the sixteenth and final episode of Alexa & Katie.


The two friends discover they are going to the same college (except Katie isn’t sure she isn’t going to get accepted in her other college), so they prove to everyone that being separated would be a disaster to them and their closest relatives and friends.

We discover that Aiden is really scared of horror movies. He also gets bumped up to assistant manager at Wired Coffee Shop and will use the money to go to art school. Lori decides to stay strong locking out her feelings about Alexa leaving for college, while Dave starts giving her weird advice. At the end of their movie night, he admits that he was doing that because when she got cancer he couldn't protect her. After that scene, Katie appears at Wired giving her apron back to Barry, and then, after some romantic moments, Katie kisses with Aiden.

Katie is accepted into an acting conservatory.

Finally, Alexa and Katie appear ready to go to their colleges. The series starts showing us different moments of the series when Alexa and Katie are together.


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