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The Play, Part 1 is the fifth episode in Season 1 of Alexa & Katie and the fifth episode produced for the show. It premiered on March 23, 2018.


After the basketball tryouts, everyone believes Katie is the one with cancer and Katie decides to let the lie continue, for Alexa. Everyone starts giving Katie special treatment and gifts, including Hannah, who knows that Katie doesn't have cancer. Ms. Rogers, the drama teacher, comes in the cafeteria with a sign up sheet for the school fall play, Romeo and Juliet. Katie decides to audition for the role of Juliet.

Jennifer returns home and Katie comes downstairs, announcing that she's auditioning for the fall play. Jennifer reveals that she was a part of a production of My Fair Lady. Jennifer then begins to talk in a Cockney accent. Katie then interrupts her to stop her accent. Katie has to watch Jack while Jennifer is at school, which means she won't be able to practice her audition. Jennifer claims he's quiet as a mouse, just as Jack begins to knock things over and a bunch of items clattering could be heard. Jennifer allows Katie to go to Alexa's. Katie enters through Alexa's bedroom window where Lori is there and beings to recite lines from the play. Alexa enters the room and Lori leaves. Katie tells Alexa she wants an audience of stuffed animals because they were always supportive when they did plays in front of them. Alexa claims she outgrew the stuffed animals and Katie opens her wardrobe where a bunch of stuffed animals fall to the ground.

Lucas comes over to the Cooper's and Jennifer tries to get Lucas to babysit for eight dollars an hour, but Lucas remembers their deal of ten dollars an hour, much to Jennifer's disappointment. Jennifer tries again to lower the price but fails, she then leaves the house and Jack comes running downstairs. Jack comes up with ideas of what they could do, Lucas ends up going on his phone tells him to chill. Jack seems disappointed and bored.

Alexa is still in her room helping Katie audition in front of a bed full of stuffed animals. Alexa grabs a stuffed sheep with orange fur and begin to cheer for Katie.

Jack and Lucas are still chilling on the couch when Jack gets up and says it's his bedtime, Lucas still completely ignoring him. Katie returns home and Lucas tells her he's watching Jack, but doesn't know where he is. Lucas asks Katie about the play and Katie answers. Lucas realizes that now Katie's home, he can leave, which disappoints Katie.

At school, auditions are taking place and Vanessa is auditioning for the role of Juliet. After Vanessa ends her audition, Ms. Rogers calls on Katie to audition for Juliet. After Katie steps on stage she hears Vanessa talking to another girl, who auditioned for Juliet too, and referring to Katie as "Cancer girl" and asking why they'd even audition. This makes Katie nervous and messing up her name and lines. Katie then makes up random lines to which Ms. Rogers shout "Huzzah!" saying she found their Juliet. This makes all the students in the room, along with Alexa and Katie, confused. This annoys Vanessa.

At home, Lucas is checking his hair and Alexa asks if mom or dad is home and Lucas answers no. He then says "I'm here". Alexa groans and told him about Katie's audition and worries that she only got the part because people think Katie has cancer. Alexa then tells Lucas about her dilemma, this confuses Lucas and tells her mom will be home. Alexa tells herself to listen to Katie and she's going to be fine.

Jennifer comes home and asks Katie about her audition, she tries to figure out if it went good or bad by her expression and fails miserably. Katie tells Jennifer that she got the part and rehearsals starts the following day. Jennifer realizes she has to find a babysitter again. Lori enters the house to congratulate Katie. Katie tells Jennifer that parents have to sign up to help production on the play. Jennifer asks Lori if she will do it but Lori snatches the paper and interrupts Jennifer before she finished her sentence.

At school, a boy shuts his locker closed which also closes on Hannah's skirt. Alexa walks in and Hannah tries to ask for help but is worrying about Katie and leaves Hannah.

At rehearsals, Katie is walking back and forth when Ryan comes up to Katie and awkwardly introduces himself. Ryan tries to talk to Katie about the kiss in the play but she's distracted by students whispering about and looking at her. Ryan and Katie then continues and ends their awkward conversation. Ms. Rogers then calls Romeo and Juliet to the stage. Ryan starts acting and Katie's still nervous as people continue to whisper about her. Katie then runs off stage because she has to barf. Katie leaves rehearsal and meets Hannah, who is still stuck, she tries to ask Katie for help but Katie keeps talking about the rehearsal and leaves Hannah.

Lucas is babysitting Jack again. Jack tries to play nerf guns with Lucas and shoots Lucas in the back of his head. Lucas reacts but then goes on his phone, Jack leaves upset. Lucas notices that Jack is upset and grabs the nerf gun and begin to play with Jack.

Jennifer enters the Mendoza's house and tells Lori she has 15 more minutes before another hour pass. Lucas and Jack comes through the kitchen door as Jennifer steals coffee from Lori. Lucas and Jack stops for a while so Jennifer could give Lucas his pay. Jack seems disappointed that Lucas was just babysitting when he though Lucas wanted to hang out. He then returns the money back to Jennifer because he and Jack are hanging out as friends. They continue playing with nerf guns back to the Cooper's house

Alexa meets Katie again at her rehearsals. Alexa brought along Bernard, a stuffed rabbit that Katie says has judgemental eyes, to cheer Katie up. Katie gives back Bernard to Alexa to watch the play. Ryan comes up to Katie awkwardly again. Vanessa comes up to Katie too and Katie gets a little nervous. She goes on stage and everyone begins clapping which makes Katie panic more. She tells everyone to stop clapping and she leaves the rehearsal in anger saying she quits. Alexa runs after her. Katie finally understands why Alexa wants to hide her cancer, Alexa says everyone needs to know what's real and goes back to the rehearsal, Alexa goes on stage and reveals to everyone that she has cancer, not Katie.


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