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Two lifelong best friends Alexa (Berelc) and Katie (May), who are eagerly anticipating the start of their freshman year of high school. The friends confront a crisis that leaves them feeling like outsiders at a time when what seems to matter most is fitting in.[1] Originally released March 23, 2018.


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No. Overal No. In Season Title Directed By Written By Original Release Date Description
1 1 Bad Hair Day Andy Cadiff Heather Wordham March 23, 2018 Alexa's plan to hide her cancer from her classmates and start high school like everyone else is totally doable, until she starts losing her hair.
2 2 Wigs Andy Cadiff Heather Wordham March 23, 2018 The girls come up with a colorful solution to keep Alexa's diagnosis under wraps, but Dave's having trouble adjusting to his daughter's new look.
3 3 Basketball Jeff Melman Matthew Carlson March 23, 2018 There's a rumor going around school that someone in the class has cancer. Katie tries out for the basketball team, and Lori starts working from home.
4 4 Ungroundable Jeff Melman Nancy Cohen March 23, 2018 Alexa goes out of her way to prove she can't be punished. Jennifer surprises Jack with a backyard campout but has a hard time getting him to unplug.
5 5 The Play, Part 1 Jeff Melman Gary Murphy March 23, 2018 After landing the lead in the school play, Katie's left wondering whether she actually earned it; Jennifer asks Lucas to baby-sit.
6 6 Picture Day Victor Gonzalez Ray Lancon March 23, 2018 Now that Alexa's secret is out, everyone's being unbearably nice, including Gwenny. Jennifer and Jack invite themselves over to watch the World Series.
7 7 The Play, Part 2 Jeff Melman Todd Linden March 23, 2018 Katie's new life as a thespian has Alexa feeling a little left out; Jennifer accuses Lori of stealing her thunder.
8 8 Support Group Phil Lewis Erin Wagoner March 23, 2018 Alexa's got such a great support system at the hospital that Katie isn't sure where she stands. Lori pours her anxieties into baking.
9 9 Winter Luau Trevor Kirschner Kamon Naddaf March 23, 2018 The doctors order Alexa to stay home, but she can still come to school on an iPad. Jennifer works overtime to convince Jack her job is cool.
10 10 Thanksgiving Trevor Kirschner Gary Murphy March 23, 2018 Alexa insists on cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but Lori has trouble letting go. Katie's desperate to connect with her dad on a deeper level.
11 11 Secret Sleepover Katy Garretson Nancy Cohen March 23, 2018 Dave can't wait to show Lucas his alma mater. And with her family away for the weekend, Alexa's ready to break all the rules.
12 12 Winter Formal, Part 1 Andy Cadiff Blake J. Willinger March 23, 2018 Lucas longs for "bro time" now that Dylan and Alexa are hanging out. Dave's nose detects a cat, and he's not wrong.
13 13 Winter Formal, Part 2 Andy Cadiff Matthew Carlson March 23, 2018 Alexa's first high school dance is right around the corner. But a risky flu outbreak means she might not be able to go.