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Reagan is one of the recurring characters in the Netflix Original Series, Alexa & Katie. She is portrayed by Iman Benson.


Reagan is a friend of Alexa and Katie. Reagan is close friends with Hannah. She is Brutally honest and more serious. Reagan is seen to be a more mature member of the friend group.


"That's a slam dunk."

"I’m sure whatever you pick will be great... but I don't like the last one."

"This doesn't require a lookout. It barely requires you."

“What what is going on with her?!”

”I’d pay her to stop screaming.”

”Ok but I’m getting someone to admit they someone before the sun comes up”


S1: E1 Bad Hair Day

S1: E2 Wigs

S1: E3 Basketball

S1: E6 Picture Day

S1: E9 Winter Luau

S1: E11 Secret Sleepover

S1: E13 Winter Formal, Part 2

S2: E1 Second First Day

S2: E2 ChoreCats

S2: E5 PB Without J

S2: E7 Katie's Beautiful Mind

S2: E9 New Year's... Whoops

S2: E10 Sweet Sixteen

S3: E1 1st Day of Junior Year

S3: E2 Stupid Binder

S3: E3 Always Something There to Remind Me

S3: E4 Unconsciously Coupling

S3: E5 All I Want for Christmas Is You

S3: E6 Writer-Director-Nervous Wreck

S3: E9 Last First Day

S3: E12 Choose Your Own Adventure

S3: E15 Last Dance