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Picture Day is the sixth episode of season 1 and the sixth episode overall.


Katie practices her part of Juliet with Reagan in the school's cafeteria. Alexa begins receiving gifts from people now that the school knows she has cancer.

Gwenny is walking towards Alexa and Katie and Alexa is excited, hoping that Gwenny would be mean to her but instead hugs her.

At the Mendoza's, a gift basket arrives for Alexa. Dave and Lori are eager to open the basket but realizes they shouldn't, but they begin to move the table so a cookie would accidentally fall out and they could eat it. Alexa arrives home from school and find that the basket is from Gwenny. Alexa and Katie are in the tree discussing why Gwenny is trying to be nice but then goes back into Alexa's room to plan outfits for school picture day. Lucas enters the room and asks if he's good looking for reassurance and starts showing his school pictures, all ending up awful. Lucas asks Alexa to help take pictures of him to practice his smile but Alexa ends up taking selfies.

The World Series are happening and Dave has snacks and ready to watch the game, however Jennifer and Jack comes over, asking if they could watch it too because their TV broke. Dave tries to sign no to Lori but she lets them in. Dave supports the Nationals but Jennifer and Jack supports the Chicago Cubs. Jennifer and Jack begins eating Dave's snacks. Dave is upset and talks to Lori about it, Lori asks Dave is he's going to tell an eight year old boy he can't watch a baseball game. Dave goes back to the living room.

At school, the janitor gives Alexa a sweater which she kept and Gwenny comes to Alexa and Katie's lunch table with another gift, Alexa still trying to make Gwenny be mean to her but fails. Alexa begins to try and rip Gwenny's gift, a basketball Jersey with "Mendoza" and the number "01" on the back. Alexa wants to begin a prank war and goes through her phone in front of Katie with different pranks she has for different people.

At the Mendoza's Jack, Jennifer, and Dave are still watching the World Series and Jack asks for another juice box. Dave's goes and get another one for him and Lucas enters through the kitchen door, still practicing his smiles which Dave makes fun of. Lucas and Lori sits down and Lori shows Lucas all her different smiles right when Dave starts gleefully shouting at Jack. The Cubs score and Dave is disappointed while Jack begins dancing. The game ends and the Nats win, he begins dancing in front of Jack while he walks to the Kitchen, Jennifer and Lori disappointed at his behavior. Jennifer tells Dave he should be ashamed of himself as she pours an entire wine glass full of alcohol and leaves the house with it and food.

Alexa and Katie are ready to do their first prank against Gwenny, a whoopie cushion. Gwenny pulls out the whoopie cushion and looks back to find Alexa, she begins to smile at her. Alexa tries out other pranks during the whole Lunch preiod, all of which seems to not affect Gwenny in any way. In the school hallway, Alexa opens Gwenny locker which scares Katie that Alexa knows her combination. Alexa puts in a tarantula in the locker and the school bell rings. Alexa and Katie goes to hide as they watch Gwenny who greets Cameron. Gwenny closes her locker and Cameron tells Gwenny to stop, Gwenny, who seems to like Cameron, stops because she thinks he wants to keep the conversation going. Cameron tells Gwenny to think about the biggest spider ever and tells her that the spider is on her shoulder. Gwenny freaks out in the middle of the hallway and the spider falls on the ground. The spider crawls back to Alexa and she puts it into a box. Alexa comes back to Gwenny, Gwenny begins to get mad at Alexa but before shouting, she becomes nice and Alexa is disgusted at it. Alexa becomes upset because none of her pranks are working and no one will ever treat her the same. Alexa walks away. Katie spots Gwenny and walks up to her who asks her to retaliate against Alexa again. Gwenny finally reveals that she wants to be mean and get revenge but can't because no one can see her be mean to a girl with cancer which would ruin her reputation. Katie begs Gwenny to get revenge but she rejects that idea.

Another night at the Mendoza's, Jennifer, Jack and Dave are watching the World Series. The cubs score, Jack jumps with joy and Dave lies back in disappointment. Both Jennifer and Lori calls out their names to behave properly. Lucas is in the Kitchen with Lori and tells her he doesn't want to take a yearbook picture. Lori tells him to try again and takes a picture of Lucas, Lori shouts at Lucas that he isn't even trying but he grabs the phone and says it's the perfect smile. The cubs score again which makes Dave angry and Jack begins jumping around again, Dave asks if Jack wants to bet an ice cream to make it more fun for him and Jennifer laughs. Dave asks what she wants to bet and Jennifer answers that she doesn't bet anymore. Jack chimes in and says the loser has to paint their face the colors of the winning team for a whole day. The Nats almost win the Series which makes Dave overly excited but then loses to the Cubs. Dave falls back into the couch, ready to watch Jack and Jennifer celebrate but they see how upset Dave is and leaves the house before cheering which Dave can hear from the inside.

In the girl's locker room, Katie is with Reagan and plans to pull another prank on Gwenny, she thinks one more prank would push Gwenny over the edge and return her to her formal self. She tells Reagan to be a lookout and Katie takes out Gwenny's picture day dress and removes the ribbon. Reagan is not impressed and leaves because the prank doesn't require a lookout. Katie tries to put back Gwenny's dress in the locker but sees someone coming and so she hides in the bathroom stall. She climbs on the toilet and accidentally drops Gwenny's dress and as she falls, she accidentally grabs the toilet's flush handle and flushes the dress. She tries to pull the dress back but it comes back wet and torn. She leaves the stall and the dress gets caught on the lock and rips it even more. The bell rings and Katie throws the dress in the locker. She sees people coming and tries to act natural. Gwenny comes in and goes to her locker and find her dress at the bottom. Gwenny rages and slams her locker, she opens Alexa's and rips her wig. Alexa comes out of the showers and asks what happens. Katie tells Alexa that Gwenny hates Alexa again and shows Alexa her wig. Alexa freaks out and Katie tries to help her by saying she'll start a fire to stall the photographer. Alexa calls her mom instead to get a new wig before the picture but Katie reaches for the fire alarm and Alexa shouts at her.

Alexa has 5 minutes before her picture gets taken and compliments Katie for doing something she hates to get Gwenny to hate Alexa again. In the hallways, Dave is shouting at everyone to "make way" while Lori is running and holding Alexa's wig in the air, they make it to the cafeteria in time and Alexa sees Dave with his face painted blue and white, the colors of the Chicago Cubs. Cameron is walking into the cafeteria and notices Dave's face. He shouts "Hey! Another Cubs fan!" And Dave cuts him off, saying he isn't a Cubs fan and hates them, he then runs away. Gwenny sees Alexa and says she tried to be nice to her. Alexa claims she hated it because it wasn't the real Gwenny. Gwenny tells Alexa that she hasn't changed at all while she's sick and this time Alexa smiles at the compliment. She takes her school picture but changes her mind the last second. She decides to be the real her in her school picture instead.


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