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Lucas is one of the main roles in the Netflix Original Series, Alexa & Katie. He is portrayed by Emery Kelly.


"Oh, wow! Lex Luther! I’m totally calling you that!”

"In my defense... Isn’t saying that supposed to get people off the hook."

"Not the hair! You know not the hair!"

”Hey we are where we are.”


  • Lucas wants to become a doctor, from seeing them helping his sister Alexa.
  • His dad thought he wanted to be a pilot like him.
  • He thought it was embarrassing when his mom uploaded a video of him singing on her Instagram account.
  • He is very unphotogenic and can't find his perfect smile.
  • He used to date Gwenny Thompson.
  • Alexa's best friend and next door neighbor, Katie had a crush on him in season one and half of season two.


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Lucas Mendoza is the brother of one of the main characters Alexa Mendoza. He enjoys singing and making music, he even created his own band in Season 2 of Alexa and Katie. He also studies hard for medical school to help people like the doctors helped Alexa. He is best friends with Alexa’s old boyfriend Dylan Greene and dated Alexa’s enemy Gwenny Thomson in Season 2. Lucas is seen to be a laid back chill teenager who tries to be cool. However when he wants to he can be a really fun and energetic person. He is very sweet, loving, and funny. He wrote a song for Alexa in Stand Up To Cancer program. Lucas is a caring and pretty dope brother.