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Lori Mendoza is one of the main characters in the Netflix Original Series Alexa & Katie, and the mother of Alexa Mendoza. She is portrayed by Tiffani Thiessen.


Lori is the loving and caring mother of Lucas and Alexa. She can often be overprotective, but ultimately she just wants what's best for her kids. Lori also has a passion and talent for planning parties (and dates for Jennifer). Lori gets very stressed during Alexa's check-up weeks. She is very competitive and loves to play games like charades. She is pretty impulsive considering she went out of her way to break things in Jennifer’s house so she could have more time with her handyman Joe. She wanted to put them in a relationship together. She lives with her family next to Katie Cooper and her family. Lori is an understanding, fun, and brave person.


Season 1[]

Lori is first seen as overprotective towards Alexa because of her cancer and likes to smother Alexa. Lori thinks school is important for her kids and would punish them for skipping class, homework, or failing tests, however, her punishments become lighter. Lori would always try her best to be available for Alexa and Lucas, throughout the series we can see the kids going to her for help. She is very good at detecting when someone's lying, especially Alexa. She tries to work from home for Alexa but ends up not being there for her after all and later goes to work normally. Lori also sometimes likes to tease Dave and thinks of him as a suck-up in High School because he was a good student.

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


"Were we ever this good of friends to each other?".

"I bake with agave nectar. I will not be sugar shamed!".

"Great, just gonna see how things are going upstairs".

"That evil little ferret!".

"This is Lori, Hola".

"No, we found him like that."

"You have to have a smile for every occasion."

"I'm not afraid to roar."

"Juliet may be doomed but nobody's going to call her wardrobe a tragedy."

"Let the kid trip."

"Sorry, that's my mother talking."

”Oooo I’ve never put these on before... they’re kinda snug”


  • She has a brother who is a parrot.
  • She met Dave and Jennifer in Kennedy High which is the same school their kids go to.
  • She breathes heavily after vacuuming the carpet and claims it's because they have thick carpets.
  • She only had kids with Dave because of his Mustang.
  • She used to make fun of Principal Trugly when she was in High School.
  • She often brags about coming up with the theme of her freshman winter formal.
  • When she gets excited, she sings Katy Perry songs.
  • She still gets compliments from doing the wardrobe of a play that Alexa was in called 'The King and I'."


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