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Jennifer Cooper is one of the main characters in the Netflix Original Series, Alexa & Katie. She is portrayed by Jolie Jenkins.


Jennifer is a divorced mom with two kids, Katie and Jack. She lives next door to the Mendozas. She tries to give Katie good advice and be a cool mom. Jennifer loves wine, food, and video games. She divorced Robbie Cooper when Jack was 5 but still keeps in touch with him and maintains a good friendship. She has financial struggles and often comes to the Mendoza's for food and drinks, despite not earning much money, she tries her hardest to keep a roof over her kids' heads and support them in any way. In Season 3, she tries online dating but has more success in romance when Lori pushes her to start a relationship with a handyman. Jeniffer is a really weird and awkward person, but she is very fun. She is pretty funny and gives good advice. She loves to be organized. She tends to be lazy at times, but changes throughout the show. She is still a very hardworking person who loves her family and friends.


  • "Take her home Dave, take her home now."
  • "You're a grown man, you should be ashamed of yourself."
  • "Friendship is like sunshine, there's enough for everybody."
  • "Why do the words 'no charge', make me so happy?"
  • "Grandma sent me $50 to buy a skimpy dress to catch a man."
  • "Where are the chocolate almonds I snatched from Gretchen's retirement party?"
  • "I don't bet... anymore." *look of regret*
  • "Mom wants to come back from her date
  • "We’re on me now"
  • Jack asks "Why does every cookie have only one chocolate chip?" - ”Because you have a single parent..hehehe”


  • Jennifer use to bet.
  • Jennifer works and takes classes for psychology.
  • Jennifer lies on her first online dating profile that she has no kids.
  • Jennifer supports the Chicago Cubs, a baseball team.
  • She was in a band in high school. She had long hair and ripped jeans.
  • When she was young, she was a very good casual dancer.
  • In Stand Up to Cancer she lied to her kids about being allergic to shellfish, but Jack found out later in the episode.
  • Jennifer Cooper is Jolie Jenkins's longest role she has ever played. This is also her favorite role.
  • She was once in a production of My fair lady and had to use a bit of Cockney accent there.


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