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Jack Cooper, played by Finn Carr, is one of the main characters in the Netflix original series Alexa & Katie. Jack is Katie's little brother.


Jack is a fun-loving and energetic boy. He loves playing video games and having fun with his dog, Potato. He gets along with a lot of people. He can sometimes end up in weird situations, but it usually works out. He is very scared of raccoons, once jamming the window that lets Alexa get over from the tree, yelling “Raccoons climb trees, trees go to windows and windows go to me!”. Jack loves animals and pets. In the series, he starts taking tap dancing and martial arts which he gets very interested in both. Jack is pretty impatient and not always the best behaved, but he is really funny and overall pretty supportive. He is really helpful to Alexa and is always willing to do fun things with her.


"I am Obi-Wan Kenobi. I can control your mind."

"Why do you answer her phone calls, Santa?"

"Mom said you're not allowed to strangle me anymore"

"Is it a puppy?"

"I thought we were hanging out?"

"I swallow gum and sometimes silly putty."

"It's going to be weird being the only guy around here."

“Ooh, dumpster candy.”

“Secret kitty loves me, and I’ve taken really good care of Tobias.”

“Look I’m mom, I love coffee and being mean to my son."

“Oops... taekwon toots it happens”

”I understand, I’ll quit school”


  • Jack had to get glasses in Season 3.
  • He often walks around the house with no pants.
  • He is a Chicago Cubs fan, a baseball team.
  • he is scared of raccoons
  • his sister got him an iPhone in “the smoke show”
  • he loves sugar
  • he had to get glasses because he has bad vision