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Hannah is one of the recurring characters in the Netflix Original Series, Alexa & Katie. She is portrayed by Merit Leighton.

She has been Alexa and Katie's friends before high school. Although, it is unclear how, where and when they met.

In her sophomore year, she hosted a Halloween party where Alexa and Dylan broke up.


She is a very bubbly and silly person. She doesn't understand most jokes. She is seen to be a quirky and weird girl in the friend group. She wears colourful clothes and she is pretty happy but a little bit shy.


"'Muy' means 'very', it's also a really cute name for a cow."

"This ain't my first craft table ladies."

"I thought Cody wanted to go [to prom] with me. We always talk about Reagen."

"Happy Halloween!" x 19


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