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Finn Carr is an American actor who played the role of Jack Cooper in the Netflix Original series Alexa & Katie. He also had a role in the movie Peanuts and he's also the voice of Joe on Season 1 of The Cartoon Adventures of Lightning and Joe!

Finn Carr was born in 2008 and he’s 12! People are also wondering how much was he paid but they have not released and it isn't likely that they will.


Year Show Role Notes
2013 Crowned Tucker "How Much is That Doggy?"
2014 Hot in Cleveland Wilbur "Dr. Who?"
2016 Criminal Minds Young Spencer Reid "Entropy"
2016 Peanuts Rerun VanPelt Main Role; 15 episodes
2016-2017 Fuller House Lewis Gladstone Recurring Role; 2 episodes
2019 Klaus Ellingboe Boy 1 Featured Role
2018-2020 Alexa and Katie Jack Cooper Main Role