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Season Summary[]

Season Episodes First Aired
1 13 March 23, 2018
2 10 December 26, 2018
3 Part 1: 8

Part 2: 8

Part 1: December 30, 2019

Part 2: June 13, 2020

Season 1 (2018)[]

Overall Ep. Episode Title Date Premiered
1 Bad Hair Day March 23, 2018
Alexa's plan to hide her cancer from her classmates and start high school like everyone else is totally doable...until she starts losing her hair.
2 Wigs March 23, 2018
After the girls shaved their hair off, they go to a department store to buy wigs. The wig Katie wants to buy, however, costs $300, more than she can afford. Not wanting to let Alexa know about her money troubles, she buys the wig anyway, along with a brightly colored one. Meanwhile, Dave struggles with seeing Alexa without any hair.
3 Basketball March 23,2018
Alexa wants to try out for the basketball team and compete with her rival, but due to her chemo, she isn't allowed to. Katie tries out for her as a sign of support. Subsequently, a rumor starts to spread that someone in the grade has cancer.
4 Ungroundable March 23 ,2018
Alexa continually ropes Katie into doing bad things with her to prove to her that her mother won't ground her.
5 The Play, Part 1 March 23, 2018
As everyone thinks Katie is the one with cancer, she is left wondering if she is getting special treatment after she is given the lead in the school play. Jennifer asks Lucas to babysit Jack, however it proves harder than he thought.
6 Picture Day March 23, 2018
Alexa reveals she is the one with cancer, and everyone starts being very nice to her - even her rival, Gwenny. She continually plays pranks on Gwenny to get her to start being mean to her again, which ultimately works. Jennifer and Jack form a rivalry with Dave over football.
7 The Play, Part 2 March 23, 2018
Katie starts to ignore Alexa more and more, as she becomes focused on the play. Lori gives Katie life lessons during rehearals, which annoys Jennifer.
8 Support Group March 23, 2018
Katie starts to feel left out as Alexa, who is back in the hospital, is receiving support from her fellow cancer patients. Lori stresses over her care, and bakes a load of cookies to try to bribe the hospital nurse into giving Alexa special treatment.
9 Winter Luau March 23, 2018
Due to her low immune system, Alexa is ordered to stay home, however she video-chats with Katie on an iPad to access her lessons. Jennifer gets upset when Jack asks Dave to go to his school career day instead of her.
10 Thanksgiving March 23, 2018
Alexa cooks Thanksgiving dinner, however it doesn't take long for it to ruin. Meanwhile, Katie tries to reconnect with her father, but gets upset when he continues to treat her like a little girl.
11 Secret Sleepover March 23, 2018
Dave and Lori take Lucas on a trip to pilot-school interviews, leaving Alexa home for the weekend, at Jennifer's. However, she and Katie get up to no good while they are gone. Ryan asks Katie to the winter formal.
12 Winter Formal, Part 1 March 23, 2018
Jack takes a 'stray' cat under his wing, which Dave develops an allergic reaction to. While Dylan and Alexa try to get closer, Lucas persistently interrupts the two and tries to break them apart.
13 Winter Formal, Part 2 March 23, 2018
Alexa isn't allowed to go to the winter formal due to a flu outbreak, so Lucas, Katie & Dylan organize the winter formal with special safety precautions just for her.

Season 2 (2018)[]

Overall Ep. Episode Title Date Premiered
14 Second First Day December 26, 2018
Sophomore year's off to a great start until Katie twists her ankle, giving Alexa something else to focus on while she's waiting to hear from her doctor.
15 ChoreCats December 26, 2018
Katie's thrilled when she's chosen to study acting abroad in London--but the $2,000 tuition fee is out of her price range. Time to start doing odd jobs!
16 #GWENCAS December 26, 2018
December 26, 218
17 Tryouts and Latte Doubts December 26, 2018
After getting the OK to play basketball, Alexa struggles on the court. But a heart-to-heart with a young cancer patient reminds her how far she's come.
18 PB Without J December 26, 2018
When Alexa and Dylan get into a fight right before the big Halloween party, Katie's sure she can fix it. But what if they're not meant to be together?
19 Shop 'Til You Cry December 26, 2018
Alexa claims she's fine--so the girls take her shopping for a Sweet 16 dress. Back at the house, a stressed-out Lucas goes to Dave for dating advice.
20 Katie's Beautiful Mind December 26, 2018
When Katie needs help prepping for a maths midterm, Alexa offers to ask Dylan. Meanwhile, Jennifer still doesn't know her daughter has a job.
21 The Ghost of Cancer Past December 26, 2018
Alexa's working overtime to keep Christmas on track. But finding her old hospital bag stirs up memories that throw her off her holiday game.
22 New Year's...Whoops December 26, 2018
It's New Year's Eve, and a bold new Katie is finally ready to confess her feelings for Ryan. Cue the fireworks--and a flaming espresso machine!
23 Sweet Sixteen December 26, 2018
An expensive mistake means that Katie can't afford to go to London. But she's keeping it a secret so she doesn't ruin Alexa's epic birthday party.

Season 3 (2019-2020)[]

Overall Ep.

Episode Title Date Premiered
24 1st Day of Junior Year December 30, 2019
A big fight on the first day of school leaves the girls feeling way out of sync. Lucas starts collage, and Lori and Dave toast their 20th anniversary.
25 Stupid Binder December 30, 2019
Alexa's ready to leave cancer behind her, but it's not that simple. Meanwhile, Katie's trying to balance all the things -- and it's super complicated.
26 Always Something There to Remind Me December 30, 2019
Being there for Spencer brings back memories Alexa would rather forget. Katie looks for leadership opportunities, and Jennifer preps for a date.
27 Unconsciously Coupling December 30, 2019
Katie and Ryan don't feel the same way about each other anymore, but neither has the heart to say it. Alexa's determined to pass her driver's test.
28 All I Want for Christmas Is You December 30, 2019
Alexa's excited to see Dylan again but senses Spencer needs her more. Katie organizes a food drive. and Dave goes overboard on holiday decorating.
29 Writer-Director-Nervous Wreck December 30, 2019
Katie aims high to win a community theatre competition, putting unnecessary pressure on her friends -- and herself. Lucas reexamines his future.
30 It's Just...Weird December 30, 2019
Alexa struggles to keep her "real" life -- and her life with Spencer -- separate. A horrified Katie's convinced that her mom is dating Gwenny's dad.
31 Panic! At the Putt-Putt December 30, 2019
Alexa takes Katie miniature golfing to get her mind off the SATs. Lori plays matchmaker when Jennifer hires a handsome handyman.
32 Last First Day June 13, 2020
Alexa eases Katie's anxiety with an epic plan to crush senior year. Jennifer starts her new job, and Jack and Lucas help solve each other's problems.
33 Rules for Better Barista-ing June 13, 2020
Alexa's full of advice after getting her driver's license — but she doesn't know everything. Meanwhile at Wired, the new hire is Katie's worst nightmare.
34 The Girls Who Cried Yelp June 13, 2020
After dating Joe for six months, Jennifer's ready for him to meet her family and friends. It's just dinner ... but Katie's got some concerns.
35 Choose Your Own Adventure June 13, 2020
With college applications looming, an aptitude test reveals Katie's true passion. But pursuing it is scary — and Alexa's "dream job" doesn't feel right.
36 Speaking of Cancer June 13, 2020
Alexa agrees to speak at Lori's carnival-themed Stand Up to Cancer fundraiser, where Katie's coffee kiosk brews unexpected jealousy.
37 The Smoke Show June 13, 2020
College acceptance letters are here. But did Alexa and Katie get into the same school? And why are things suddenly so weird between Alexa and Spencer?
38 Last Dance June 13, 2020
Senior prom is on Saturday, and Katie needs a date. (See also: the courage to tell Alexa something important.) Lori and Joe go overboard at game night.
39 This Feels Right June 13, 2020
The girls are finally graduating from high school and getting ready to leave home for college. But will they stay together or go their separate ways?