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Dylan Greene is a main character in season 2 and a recurring character in season 1 and 3. He is portrayed by Jack Griffo. Dylan is a very smart person. He has a particular interest in the subject of Mathematics and frequently participates in Math Competitions called Mathletes. He and Alexa dated for a short time in the series, but then broke up because he felt secondary compared with Katie. Dylan is pretty serious about his future but when he comes back from college he has changed a lot. His appearance and personality are what have influenced Alexa to think that Dylan is a changed person.

Season 1[]

Dylan is introduced as the smart best friend of Lucas Mendoza (Alexa's older brother). Dylan starts to tutor Alexa in math after she gets a bad grade on her test. They grow closer together, and eventually, he asks her to the Winter Formal but Alexa refuses, thinking he asked her out of sympathy. Alexa later finds out that she was wrong, and he really did like her. She later asks him again if he would still like to go with her still, and he says yes. Later on though, Alexa finds out that he asked another girl right after Alexa refused to go with him. This caused an argument, and Alexa says she does not want to go with him anymore ( again). A few minutes later when Dylan was drinking water, he puts his hand down and it touches Alexa's hand. They keep in that position until Lori comes into the room. The two eventually made up and went to the Winter Formal together where they shared their romantic first kiss wearing masks.

Season 2[]

Alexa and Dylan started dating in the last few episodes of season 1 and continued dating in season 2, but then Dylan got jealous of Katie because she and Alexa have been spending so much time together and Dylan was, in Alexa's opinion, always talking about college. This isn't entirely true, as Dylan had no other thing to talk about and barely talked with Alexa because she was always thinking of Katie. Alexa wanted to know what it meant for them and then she broke up with him because he didn't know what to do.

Season 3[]

Dylan comes back from college in California for an episode. Alexa tries to talk to Dylan but realizes Spencer needs her more in that episode. Eventually, she talks to him and realizes that there's nothing there anymore. Her parents try not to talk to him but they can't do it, because Dylan is a nice person and they have grown on him.


  • Jack Griffo and Paris Berelc dated in real life from 2016 to 2019 and were together again since April 2020. Then they broke up sometime before December 2020 and Paris has a new boyfriend, Rhys Aythayse.
  • When he's helping Alexa with homework and he says "I'm secretly a superhero" as a possible answer to a math question to get Alexa's attention. The Thundermans, a series where Jack Griffo stars, were secret superheroes until their secret got out.


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Dylan is very smart and focused on his future. He is very helpful, sweet, and generous. He is a great listener and he sweet and kind. Dylan is a hard worker and he is very focused on school. He is still an amazing honest boyfriend for Alexa.