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Dave Mendoza is the father of Alexa and Lucas, and is a pilot. He is often goofy and wants the best for his kids. Dave loves to have fun and take things like football games very seriously. He is very friendly and funny. He sometimes makes mistakes as a father but learns quickly from them and is afraid of confrontations. He is married to Lori Mendoza. He is portrayed by Eddie Shin.


"Just promise me there'll be gravy, I LOVE gravy!"

"Stir the pot, like a boss, I love marinara sauce"

"Why wouldn't he? I'm a pilot." - Dave answering Jennifer when she asks why Jack asked him to come to Parent career.

"I'm a pilot, so really it's captain Dave"

”Another perfect landing.”

“it’s Dave and Lori… or you could just call me captain…Cause I’m a pilot”

"Don't worry Atie, it's the thought the ounts" When Katie's laptop keyboards K and C got stuck and he made a joke out of it.

"So what's really going on with flight 27? ... You can tell me, I'm a pilot."

"There's your solo."


"Use our joven, oh!... or use our oven Joe


”I don’t have a train problem you’re the one who’s gumdropping all the place if anyone has a train problem it’s you!!”


  • He owned a Mustang in High School which he used to attract Lori.
  • He is a supporter of Nationals, a baseball team.
  • He was a model student in High School
  • He wants Lucas to become a pilot, and is the most supportive when Lucas wanted to be a doctor.
  • He is very proud of being a pilot and often brags about it.
  • He changed the Wellard sign to "Wellnerd" when he was in High school.
  • He was in a band in high school and he had the nickname Grunge Buns.
  • He has a brother mentioned in “stupid binder”.