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Basketball is the third episode of Season 1 of Alexa & Katie and the third episode produced for the show, It premiered on March 23, 2018.


The episode starts with Alexa, Katie, Reagan, and Hannah gossiping at lunch when Toby says he hears a girl has cancer. Alexa asked who told about the cancer, Hannah answers she told Lady Gaga in a dream. Gwenny and her friends arrives at the table and tells Alexa that she will beat her out for point guard. Hannah reveals that she can't try out. Alexa claims that she has an after-school club. Gwenny leaves laughing after Katie tried to roast her.

Alexa and Katie arrives home a the Mendoza's when Lori returns home early with news. Lori reveals that she is going to be working from home, Alexa isn't thrilled about this news.

At the Cooper's house, Katie is home and comes downstairs when Jennifer closes her laptop almost immediately after hearing Katie. Jennifer reveals to Katie that she is on a dating site. Katie reads it and sees she lied on it saying she had no kids.

Katie overhears two girls talking about who has cancer. Katie walks past the gym when two girls come out saying Alexa's sick, Katie mistakes the slang word "sick" and thought they knew about Alexa's cancer, but realizes that they were talking about her basketball skills. Alexa then walks out the gym bouncing a basketball and Katie confronts her. Coach Winters comes out the gym and tells Alexa she might be the starter and asks her to go to tryouts. Alexa then says she can't be on the team because of her work with troubled kids. Alexa heard Gwenny might take her spot instead and tells the coach that Katie is amazing at basketball. Gwenny comes out of the gym and roasts Alexa who tries to make a comeback but failed. Katie steps in and reveals that she's trying out.

Meanwhile, Jack, helps Jen find a guy to date on her dating site. Katie comes for advice. She reveals she's trying out for basketball, and Jen laughs. Jen says she learned about this in school and that Alexa is living through a surrogate (Katie) because of her inability to do any physical activity. She then decides to use it for her psych paper.

Katie practices with the help of Alexa but is having trouble learning how to play basketball. Lucas comes out and says he can help her play the following day.

Alexa comes down and Lucas is sitting on the dining table with an empty plate expecting for waffles. Alexa reveals that Lori has not bugged her about staying warm and says that she actually feels a bit chilly. Lori comes through the backyard door on a call after hearing Alexa and Alexa asks for her fuzzy afghan, Lucas quickly gets up and asks for waffles. Lori ignores them because she's busy on her call, Alexa suggests calling her on her work line, Lucas says that he got blocked. Lori gets another call and asks Alexa for coffee.

Alexa is shooting hoops in front of the garage when Katie arrives for practice and asks where's Lucas. Alexa notices Katie has makeup on. Obviously, she's trying to look good for Lucas, but she clains she hugged her mom and some came off. Lucas comes out with another basketball and helps Katie to hold a basketball. Alexa eventually leaves and Katie throws the basketball, with closed eyes, over the fence. The basketball is thrown back and Lucas catches it. Lucas tries teaching Katie to play defense instead. Katie tries guarding Lucas when Lucas tells her to "get all up on me". Katie ends up awkwardly hugging him. The session ends with Lucas receiving a text message from Dylan and leaving.

During school practice, Alexa watches Katie and overhears kids still talking about the cancer rumors. Katie plays defense well and receives a compliment from the coach. Gwenny annoys Alexa and just as she gets aggresive, Katie steps in. Gwenny demands a one on one with Alexa and Katie tells Gwenny she can't. Gwenny starts imitating a baby chicken, calling Alexa one and Alexa storms out in anger.

Alexa comes home to talk to Lori for advice but she's busy with work. Alexa drops her bag and goes upstairs. Lori notices her daughter is upset and goes to comfort her in her room. Alexa confronts Lori that she isn't there for her as much as she used to be. Lori promises to be there for her now and Alexa asks Lori to stay with her.

Jennifer catches Jack on the dating site after he bought monthly subscription. She says it isn't a game and she might actually meet someone that might become his stepfather. Jack seems visibly upset that her mom and dad aren't getting back together. Jennifer suggests that they should call his dad and Jack seems more cheerful now.

Katie hears Alexa shooting basketballs in front of the garage while lying. Katie comes over and tries to comfort Alexa about what Gwenny said. Alexa reveals that seeing Katie play made her miss playing basketball on the court more than ever. Katie tells Alexa that she will still try out for her. Katie tries to shoot a basketball but throws it over the fence again. This time hitting a charcoal lighter and causing a flame to go off into the sky and disappear. Alexa and Katie rushes into the house.

Alexa and Katie walks down the staircase in school where they overhear three girls all giving out names and reasons to who could have cancer. Lucas is walking down the hallway where he notices Alexa and Katie. He asks for confirmation if tryouts are today and gives Katie his lucky wristbands, Katie immediately grabs them and shouts "Thank you!". Lucas wishes Katie luck.

During tryouts, Katie tries to guard Gwenny but Gwenny pushes Katie aside. Alexa immediately gets up in anger after seeing Katie fall, and Gwenny scores. Gwenny tries to score again and Katie tries to defend, she successes in blocking the ball but her wig falls off and makes everyone think she has cancer. Katie didn't make the team.


Main Cast[]

Recurring cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Jenica Bergere as Coach Winters
  • Megan Truong as Britney
  • Tess Aubert as Mackenzie
  • Lindsay Caschak as Rachel
  • Elainey Bass as Jenna
  • Ruth Wilhoit (Voice) as Neighbour [Uncredited]
  • Aidan Laprete Powell as Boy #1
  • Bryce Xavier as Boy #2


  • This is the first episode Alexa and Katie wear the natural wigs after entering high school with blue and pink wigs in “Wigs
  • Both Katie and Jack teases Jennifer on the picture she used on her dating profile
  • This is the second episode where we see Jack without pants, although this time he seemed to have forgotten.
  • Jennifer's dating profile says she is a swimmer, a psychologist and has no kids.
  • The girls who are speculated to have cancer are Britney, Rachel, Taylor Franklin, Alisha Bratman, and Kelly Blitt.
    • Katie is also thought to have cancer by many of the students, but she is the only name that isn't a rumor and everyone believed is true.
  • The men that Jack wants Jennifer to date is Frank, who plays video games and lives with his mom, Blake who collects knives and camps in the deep woods, and Roland who has a gold tooth and cataraman.