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Barry is the manager and owner of Wired, the local coffee shop, close to Alexa, Katie, and their friends. He doesn't like showing his own feelings, but when he does, you can see he's nice after all. He is portrayed by Scott Wordham.


S1: E4 Ungroundable

S1: E9 Winter Luau

S1: E11 Secret Sleepover


S2: E4 Tryouts and Latte Doubts

S2: E5 PB Without J

S2: E7 Katie's Beautiful Mind

S2: E9 New Year's... Whoops

S2: E10 Sweet Sixteen

S3: E3 Always Something There to Remind Me

S3: E5 All I Want for Christmas Is You

S3: E6 Writer-Director-Nervous Wreck

S3: E7 It's Just... Weird

S3: E10 Rules for Better Barista-ing

S3: E12 Choose Your Own Adventure

S3: E13 Speaking of Cancer

S3: E14 The Smoke Show

S3: E15 Last Dance

S3: E16 This Feels Right