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Pilot is the first episode in Season 1 of Alexa and Katie and the first episode produced for the show. It premiered on March 23, 2018.


The episode starts off with Alexa and Katie at the hospital during Alexa's chemotherapy treatment. Katie brings donuts from the lobby for Alexa and Megan. At the time, they aren't sure if Alexa's going to be cleared for school and Katie becomes tense about the thought of Alexa missing her first day. Suddenly, Nurse Lynda walks in with her hands all blue after Alexa put blue dye in the soap dispenser.

They move along to meet Hannah and Reagan at Wired for coffee to see their school schedules. Katie is babysitting Jack and pulls him over with a leash she attached to him. They go back to Alexa's house where Dr. Breitweiser calls Lori to share the news that Alexa is cleared for school that starts in 3 days. To celebrate, Alexa and Katie dye strips of their hair. Alexa wants to video call Hannah and Reagan to show them their new hair, but, changed her mind after she found her hair falling. Katie get's called back home for dinner and Alexa realizes she's losing hair from chemotherapy. At Katie's house, Jack is checking all the cookies in the cookie jar because they all seem to have one single chocolate chip. Jennifer makes a joke that it's because he has a single parent. Katie gets a text from Alexa saying to meet her in the tree that connects their bedroom. When she does, Alexa asks her to come toilet paper Gwenny's house. Jack is eavesdropping on them and decided to tag along. After toilet papering the house, they then realize they accidentally teepee'd their principal's house. Alexa and Katie, along with their parents, are waiting for Principal Trugly when she suspends them for three days. Dave, Alexa's dad, then finds out that Alexa knew she was teepee'ing Principal Trugly, making Katie upset. Jennifer enters Katie room returns Katie's ski cap, which Alexa had borrowed when they teepee'd Trugly's house. Katie finds Alexa's hair in the cap and realizes why Alexa wanted to get in trouble. Katie enters through Alexa's bedroom window and confronts her. Katie helps Alexa by shaving her hair off with Alexa.


Main Cast[]

Recurring cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Carmella Riley as Nurse Lynda


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