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Alexa Mendoza is one of the co-lead roles in the Netflix original series, Alexa & Katie. She is portrayed by Paris Mary Josephine Berelc.


Alexa Mendoza was assumed to be born 2002. Alexa Mendoza was diagnosed with Leukemia, a type of cancer, and had to stay in the hospital for about three weeks and got a high dose of chemotherapy a few months before she started high school. She is the first daughter and second child of Dave and Lori Mendoza. Her family friends and neighbors are Jennifer, Jack and Katie. Katie, however, becomes more than just a family friend and is Alexa's best friend. She is really helpful and brave. Considering Alexa is confident she always helps out Katie for getting a job, dating, and anything else. She has a lot of energy, and she is really honest. Alexa has a very modern teen style she’s very chill likes to wear cute pajamas during the day she loves to wear things like denim jeans and a usual shirt or crop top. Alexa usually wishes the best for Katie even if she is going through a lot. In the series, Alexa wants to leave cancer behind her, but that is hard. Alexa is a teenage girl who likes to cause trouble and pranks, in the hospital, school, and at home. Despite this, she still has a kind heart and soul, she's always ready to help Katie and share anything she feels with her family.


Season 1[]

In Season 1, Alexa starts school after being diagnosed with leukemia, a type of cancer, and starts losing her hair. Katie Cooper, Alexa's best friend, finds out that Alexa is losing hair and shaves her own head so that Alexa won't go through it alone. With Alexa's shaved head, Dave begins acting weird when he sees his daughter, making Alexa believes Dave only sees cancer and not Alexa when she's bald. Alexa returns Katie's kind act by wearing matching colorful wigs to their first day of high school. Alexa can't join the basketball team, join after school clubs or do plays, and Katie decides to try out for the basketball team for Alexa, and with the help of her and Lucas, Katie learns to play defense but doesn't make the team after her wig falls off and everyone believes she has cancer. Lori also starts working from home to spend more time with Alexa but her plan does the opposite of that when Alexa needs her the most, Lori promises to be there for her now and she returns to working normally. Alexa believes with cancer, she's ungroundable. She watches an R-rated movie and changes the Wellard sign to prove this fact but the second plan goes wrong when she and Katie get stuck on the sign, their parents come to the rescue and Alexa reveals to Lori that nothing she does matter anymore which Lori proves false. Alexa helps Katie audition for the role of Juliet in a school production of Romeo and Juliet, but Katie panics on stage when everyone refers to her as a cancer girl, Alexa realizes that she has to tell everyone the truth and reveals she has cancer, not Katie. Alexa wonders if she should even get her yearbook picture taken with the fear that everyone will see her as "The sick girl", Alexa is stressed from the whole situation of receiving gifts and Gwenny being nice. No one sees Alexa anymore, they all see cancer.

Season 2[]

In Season 2, Alexa is starting her sophomore year on the week of her monthly checkup, she feels really nervous but doesn't tell anybody. When Katie twists her ankle by tripping while wearing heels, Alexa tries to help Katie as much as possible to hide her anxiety about the cancer appointment. Then during the wish lanterns, while Alexa tries to pull Katie up the stairs, Katie was terrified and she confessed to Alexa that her ankle got better. Then, Alexa confesses to Katie that she was scared about whether she wasn't better or if she is still sick. During Alexa's appointment, Dr. Breitweisser cleared Alexa for basketball this year since she was already better. She also confesses to her mom, Lori, that she will have a sweet sixteen party. For episode two, Katie was waiting for the results of the London trip. When the email came up, she had good news and bad news; The good news was that Katie and Ryan had gotten in, the bad news was that she needed $2,000. She was worried to ask her mom for the $2,000 because she knew that they couldn't afford it. She decided to look for a job, Alexa suggested an app to gain money, it was called ChoreCats and she knew about it because her dad hired someone to clean out the gutters. Katie decided to download the app and applied for chores to do. She ended up getting too many chores and gets kicked out for life. For episode 3, Katie is still looking for a job and applies at Wired with Alexa's help and she manages to get an interview. Meanwhile, Alexa's older brother, Lucas was partnered up with Alexa's enemy, Gwenny Thompson in his cooking class. When Gwenny gets irritated with Lucas, she starts to say mean things about him and Katie decides to stand up for him. When Alexa and Katie get back home, they see cupcakes baked by Lucas and Gwenny. Alexa eats it without knowing they were baked by Gwenny. She reads the label and finds out about them. Then, Gwenny comes in and explains that she and Lucas are friends. Then, at school, Lucas and Gwenny hang out more often and Lucas asks her out. Then, Alexa and Katie decide to sabotage their date by Alexa using the opposite of reverse psychology on Gwenny and Katie using reverse psychology on Lucas. Then, during the date, Gwenny and Lucas realize that Alexa and Katie sabotaged their date and they get them back by showing them they are having the best date ever. Katie then realizes that she missed her interview, Alexa talks to Barry to try and set things right, Katie then gets the job and Alexa realizes that she should always meddle, except for when she shouldn't. For episode 3, Alexa tries out for the school basketball team. She is really happy but she couldn't play as well as she hadn't played for a year. Eventually, she ends up in JV basketball and she is getting better eventually. In episode 5, it's Halloween! Alexa and Katie are face-timing since Katie has more shifts at Wired. Then, Dylan arrives at Alexa's house and asks Alexa to be in a couples costume with her. Alexa said that she and Katie were already in a couple of costumes since they go every year. When she talks to Dylan about it, he says that Alexa and Katie are more inseparable than ever and Alexa thinks that he meant it in a bad way. Alexa then goes to Wired and tells Katie what happened with Dylan. Then, when Alexa helps Katie with 50 customers, she forgets all about going to Dylan's Mathlete Finals. She goes but she was very late that she found out that Dylan won. Dylan says all about how Alexa is always with Katie and she doesn't have time for him. So, when Dylan says that he is tired of Alexa saying "I'm sorry" all the time, Alexa breaks up with Dylan and goes home to throw away everything he ever gave her. Katie comes to Alexa's house and assumes that things didn't go well with Dylan. She then goes to the Halloween party and Dylan thinks that he didn't do anything wrong and Alexa says that he always talks about college and he never talks about how their relationship will be with long-distance and Dylan doesn't know what to say so he says 'I don't know.' Alexa and Dylan officially break up after that. For episode 6, Alexa was having breakfast and everyone questioned her on whether she was actually okay from the breakup, she convinces everyone but Jennifer. Alexa, Lori, Katie, and Jennifer have a girls' day out by shopping for Alexa's Sweet Sixteen costumes. Alexa breaks down when Katie says how much Alexa should've missed Dylan and Alexa admits that she will miss Dylan very badly. Then, back at home, Alexa gets comfortable in bed with the sad sweater, sad songs, extra pillows and Kleenex. Then she eats a Gwenny cake that Lucas baked. For episode 7, Alexa was progressing from the breakup and was preparing for her mid-terms. When Lucas invites Dylan over, Alexa finds it very awkward so she goes to Katie's. When she enters Katie's room, she finds Katie working on a noticeboard and tries to convince her to tell Jennifer about Katie's Wired job. Then, when Katie's working her shift, Alexa, Reagen, Hannah and Ryan enter Wired to help Katie study. When they finish, Katie needs help with one more subject which was precalculus, Alexa decides to call Dylan to tutor Katie since she needed straight A's. Alexa then decides to dress up and when Dylan comes over, she says that she has a thing going on. When he leaves, Alexa tells Katie that she wanted to show Dylan that she had moved on. For episode 8, the Mendoza's and Cooper's are getting ready for the Mendoza-Cooper gift exchange but when Alexa tries to find a christmas sweater for Jack, she also finds her hospital bag from when she was first diagnosed with cancer.

In progress

Season 3[]

Ss== Quotes == “She's disrupted the balance of the universe.”

"I'm not a math problem, I don't have to make sense. But I do!"

"This is not a 'hmm' moment."

"I may have been a girl with cancer, but I was still me. Both things were true. And this is what I look like."

“I’ve never been sick in this room.”

"I kicked cancer's butt".

"Oh, you just did that."

" That's just wrong!"

"No one can prove that was me *chuckle* but that was me".


"It's a natural progression from a fork to Juliet."

"Bring on the scented candles."

"If your lucky or good or both, someone like Katie comes into your life."

"I got a Katie!"

"You're a jinx. GET OUT!”

“Ok you guys are going too far Jack is great at charades”

“ Well I just realised who cares, we’re done with the SAT’s so stop thinking and start pie-ing!”

”Yeah. I told her to go and then she left!!”

„That’s- a different Katie”

”yeah they were all selfies of me - and they were super cute”

”That’s so sweet, and only a little creepy.”

”You work on breathing I’ll work on outfits”

”(is this your mocha?) yeah from yesterday. (and yet it is still warm) global warming?”

”ahhhh I just stepped in something hard AND squishy!!!”


  • Alexa had cancer 3 months before Season 1 starts. In season 3, she takes her last cancer pill ever.
  • Alexa enjoys playing basketball in her free time.
  • Alexa loves pranking people. She keeps multiple files of pranks for specific people on her phone.
    • Those who have one on her phone are Lucas, her mother, Gwenny and Katie which she mentions on the show. She most likely has pranks for Dave, Jack, Jennifer, and staff at the hospital.
  • She and Katie have been friends since they were 4 years old.
  • She, as well as Katie, has a crush on Harry Styles and wants to marry him.
  • She played the role of Belle in her middle school play, 'The Beauty and the Beast'.
  • She dreams of not being associated with cancer, whenever she is it bothers her, until season 4 when she can finally embrace it in a way.
  • Alexa and Katie have a huge...big,larger than average fight,in season 3: episode1.
  • In the episode 1st day of junior,Alexa doesn't wan't to do her essay about cancer becuase she is more than cancer
  • In season 1 episode 10 Alexa's hair starts coming in


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