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Aiden is Katie Cooper's boyfriend, starting in Season 4. They begin dating in the episode " Last Dance" when they go to prom together. He is a minor character in Season 3 and a secondary character in Season 4. At the end of the series he tells Katie that he will be attending art school, as she suggested, to pursue his dreams.


Aiden is introduced in season three, in the episode, All I Want For Christmas is You when he took a free homemade cookie without donating, which led to the nickname, "the cookie crook". He later came back and donated. This impressed Katie slightly until Aiden called her Christmas tree of canned food a "triangle".

Later, in the episode Rules For Better Barista-ing, Katie has to train a new hire, who is none other than "the cookie crook", Aiden. They instantly don't get along. Aiden turns out to be excellent at making coffee but it is found out that he was actually looking at Katie's 'coffee notebook'. He also gives her some advice about an essay she's writing.

In the episode titled Choose Your Own Adventure, Katie has a panic attack after Aiden leaves for the night. When he comes back to return his apron, he finds Katie on a call to her mother explaining that it's happening again. Without hesitation, he sits down with Katie and stops the attack, later explaining that his dad gets them too. Katie's mother calls her back and while Katie assures her that she is alright, she calls Aiden a friend. This started a slightly more trusting relationship between the two.

In Speaking of Cancer, Aiden and Katie are managing the Wired cart at the Stand Up To Cancer Fundraiser and Carnival. Aiden leaves to play Skee-Ball. When Barry comes back, he points out that Aiden may not have been interested in the game as much as he was interested in a girl. Katie, who is jealous, tries to get Aiden away from the game but with no luck. It is later revealed that Aiden had been playing the game to win a laptop for Katie. That was the moment when Katie realised she liked Aiden. Later on, in Last Dance, Katie can't pack up the courage to ask Aiden to prom, but Aiden suspected that she wanted to ask him, so he showed up at prom and him and Katie begin their relationship.


Aiden is sarcastic and witty and often argues with Katie. He is shown to be kind and caring and really cares about Katie, though sometimes he isn't the brightest one. He is really understanding and kind and knows how to help Katie with a panic attack. Aiden always does things for other people.


  • It is revealed in Choose Your Own Adventure that Aiden's dad also has panic attacks, and that was how he was able to calm down Katie Cooper.
  • In Speaking of Cancer, Alexa Mendoza & Dave Mendoza help Katie by playing games and giving her the tickets for her to win a laptop which she doesn't get. It turns out in the end that Aiden won the laptop for her.
  • It is revealed in Last Dance that Aiden never went to his prom because while he practiced his dance moves in the hall mirror, he lost his balance in mid-Nae-Nae and fell down the stair. However, he still accepts to go to prom with Katie.
  • In This Feels Right, it is shown that he is scared of horror movies.
  • Also, in the episode, This Feels Right. he gets a promotion to Assistant Manager at wired since Katie is moving to New York to attend school.
  • At the end of This Feels Right, he reveals to Katie that he would be saving up money to attend art school.
  • At the end of This Feels Right, Katie admits that she will miss him. She puts her arm around him and they kiss. They stay there for a while but then a customer comes in, and they tell her the café is closed.


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S3: E15 Last Dance

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